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Using tried and tested techniques, we provide true insights that can be converted into real business growth.

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Strategic consultancy for businesses of any size

Financial Director

Virtual FD 

Giving small and medium sized businesses access to expert advice without the expense.

Business Growth

Business growth

Taking established businesses to the next level.

Exit Strategies

Exit strategies

Helping to prepare a business for sale: realising its full potential and facilitating the sale using known investors.



Sourcing and acquisition of businesses that will expedite growth and increase your company's value.



Providing advice and guidance for each stage of creating a successful and profitable franchise model.



Expertise and direction in the early stages of business ownership and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Our Approach

A unique six-point approach to fast-track your business growth

Cash Flow Simulator

The Cash Flow Simulator enables you to forecast your profit and cash flow for the next 12 months based upon simulating any changes you may make to your company.  This allows you to test what will make the biggest impact to your business before actually taking action and enables you to plan strategically for your company’s development and growth.

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Cliff Spolander

As an ex-military Officer, Cliff gained valuable leadership and management skills.  He has been trained to adapt and to seek effective solutions in an ever-changing environment.  This has formed the backbone of his success in running his own companies for the past 19 years.  Throughout this time, he has started, bought, sold, franchised, licensed and systemized several businesses in a variety of sectors.

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